Who are we ?

920973_450999428322468_2034910280_o1We are three climbing guides and instructors that travel and climb frequently around the world. We invite you to join us in an adventure of a lifetime throughout Israel and the Middle East.

What exactly do we offer ?

Courses: from basic rock climbing and rappelling to advanced technique and the use of traditional protection.

Climbing, Canyoneering and Expeditions worldwide: our major activity happen here in Israel and its neighbor – Jordan – which offers a wide variety of sceneries and amazing vistas. Other locations include South America and Asia.

Lectures: about unusual experiences we had over the years – from climbing Mount Everest to dealing with an injury. Each lecture is accompanied by a slide show and takes about an hour and a half.

Custom activities: special adventures which are custom fitted to your demand. It could be a day out climbing a distant cliff as a birthday present or team building activities. Whatever the demand, we will supply you with a unique experience.

Who can participate ?

The range of activities is wide and so is the range of the required abilities but a decent walking ability is a basic. If you have the will – we will manage to adjust ourselves and find the right objectives to offer you. We believe there is a place for everyone in the mountains.

Why should you choose us and what do we believe in ?

In each activity you will get the most professional guiding and safe oriented approach. We are certified multi pitch rock climbing guides and instructors authorized by UIAA standards. The gear we use is state of the art and in good condition. Along with our rock guiding skills we also possess vast knowledge of the history, culture and nature aspects of the places we are guiding in and we love sharing that knowledge with our clients. Other than that, we just enjoy guiding and being in the mountains.

We believe in ecological tourism that does not harm the fragile environment in which we are only guests for a while. In our activities we will sleep outside or in a local tent and most of the time cook our own food – that’s how we will get to know the area which we climb and travel in much better. We would love to see you as our clients!

For further details please contact us:

טיפוס טבעי | טיולי טיפוסטיפוס טבעי | טיולי הרים

Yotam Orchan


Dudu Yifrah


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